The Guardian’s James Ramsden is unhappy with the full English breakfast, and for once, I agree with The Guardian. Excerpt:

The main problem is about quantity. It isn’t, in this case, anything to do with quality. In fact, the better the ingredients, the greater the shame. Because chucking sausage, bacon, black pudding, egg, tomato, beans and so on, all cooked the same way, all on one plate, is always going to end in a train wreck, however good each component is. “It’s the sheer laziness of it,” says food blogger Chris Pople, “the throwing together of different types of protein without any thought of balance or context. Sausages, eggs, bacon, black pudding, each of these things is beautiful in its own right. A fry-up forces them into greasy competition, salty fat against salty fat.”

I would prefer to eat English bangers for breakfast every single day of my life. I think they are insanely delicious. But I can’t deal with the full English breakfast, which is a salt-and-grease slough.

And beans for breakfast? Good grief.