From a report about former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal’s CNN interview in which she talks about her alleged affair with Donald Trump:

McDougal also tearfully recalls feeling guilty when she went to Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower and he showed her Melania Trump’s bedroom.

McDougal thought it was odd that Trump’s wife slept in a separate bedroom.

‘I thought maybe they were having issues,’ she said.

McDougal recalls feeling uncomfortable walking into the apartment of a married man whose wife just had a baby.

‘I couldn’t wait to get out of the apartment, I think,’ she said.

‘Doing something, doing something wrong is bad enough, and when you’re doing something wrong, and you’re in the middle of somebody else’s home or bed or whatever, that just puts it a little old stab in your heart, and I just couldn’t wait to get out of the apartment.

‘I wanted to go back to my hotel room.’

McDougal expressed regret over the affair, saying she felt guilty. Nonetheless, despite the guilt, she carried on with Trump for the better part of a year.

‘When I look back, I know it’s wrong,’ the 1998 Playmate of the Year said.

‘I’m really sorry for that. I know it’s the wrong thing to do.’

From The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography, by David Brody and Scott Lamb:

Lance Wallnau created a Facebook video that went viral with millions of views, to explain how to think about the [Access Hollywood ‘grab-’em-by-the-pussy’] tape. As he had written in his newly released book, Wallnau argued that when Trump married Melania, he “decided that he was going to judge the one area of his life that was out of control. The guy doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke — but he was a womanizer billionaire. And he ended that. He got committed to Melania, and he’s been dedicated to her and to having a rebranded family image ever since then.” Wallnau told us that the reason why the Access video came out when it did was that “the Lord wanted to circumcise him. He wanted to cut away from him any basis for boasting that it was his own strength. He got into the White House by the grace of God, not because of a perfect campaign — because that Access Hollywood thing would have torpedoes anyone other than someone God’s grace was on.”


While Donald Trump has a healthy ego, buckets of self-confidence, and a belief that he can get the job done, he doesn’t leave God out of the equation. He knows God is bigger and better than him. How do we know? He has said it with his own lips, declaring to me on his California golf course that “God is the ultimate! I mean God created this and here’s the Pacific Ocean right behind us … there’s nothing like God.” …

It’s no secret that white, evangelical Christians, while still dominant politically, see their culture slipping away. They’re not the majority they once were and they’ve been looking for that fierce protector. And along came Donald Trump, warts and all. But while the mainstream media was focusing on past blemishes that they thought would derail Trump with evangelicals, what they missed was the cultural link they had with the past: a connection of worldviews that encompassed patriotism, respect for God and Country, a disdain for political correctness, and a restoration of good old-fashioned Judeo-Christian values. The combination struck political gold for Trump and for evangelicals. But it was never fake. It was a solid union made possible by two willing participants: a mega-billionaire who was yearning for the great America he remembered, and evangelicals hoping to rekindle the culture they once knew.

While Donald Trump may have been the unlikeliest vessel, God works in mysterious ways. The same can be said about Trump’s Faith Journey.

Let’s go back for one more excerpt from the McDougal interview:

McDougal, 46, also told CNN that she and Trump had sex on their first date and that she went home afterward ‘crying in the backseat of a car’ when he offered her cash after they made love.

‘After we had been intimate, he tried to pay me, and I actually didn’t know how to take that,’ she said.

She said she was hurt by the cash offer, which she turned down.

‘I don’t even know how to describe the look on my face,’ she said. ‘It must have been so sad.’

UPDATE: The comments thread is fascinating. Just putting these excerpts here in juxtaposition, without added commentary, turns them into a Rohrshach test. In fact, you cannot invent satire as rich as this. There is the ogre-like Trump, a man of unsurpassed vulgarity and appetite, who is now the President of the United States. There is this trollop who came to fame by spreading her legs in the pages of a magazine for male degenerates, who was willing to jump into bed with another woman’s husband at the first opportunity, and who was hurt that Trump, by offering her money after sex, accurately read her character; and the Christian media hagiographers, who match and maybe even exceed the achievements of a communist Ministry of Propaganda in inventing a glorious narrative for the Genius of the Carpathians the Outer Boroughs.

We really are a decadent country. All you readers claiming, “JFK did it too” may be right, but you perfectly well know that if any of this had become public back in the day, that would have been the end of JFK. Trump didn’t get us to this point on his own, heaven knows. But he does reveal how very far we have fallen.