This ridiculous video presentation speaks for itself. It comes to us courtesy of NBC News, which, you will notice, is not simply explaining what “cisgender” means, but is promoting gender ideology.

At least the presenter has actual pearls to clutch.

Seriously, though, understand that what this person teaches is exactly what public schools that embrace gender theory are teaching to kids.

UPDATE: Argh! The dashboard made it look like the video posted fine, but I see now that it did not. Here is a link to it.

UPDATE.2: A reader (thank you!) found it on YouTube. Ecce homo:

UPDATE.3: Here’s the thing: vote Hillary, you get the process of mainstreaming this idiocy and teaching it to kids as normal and sane continuing unimpeded. Vote Trump? Maybe, maybe not. That’s not going to be enough to convince a lot of conflicted people to vote for Trump, but at least Hillary voters ought to know what they’re ratifying.