Great quote from First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, speaking to Dave Weigel:

“I think there’s now an evangelical tri-lemma,” says Jeffress, who still backs Perry but doesn’t have illusions about his current electoral oomph. “Do you vote for a Mormon who’s had one wife, a Catholic who’s had three wives, or an Evangelical who may have had an entire harem?”

Funny. But Catsmeat, you’ll need to stand me a drink at the Drones, old boy, because I am sorely vexed over how any Evangelicals, or other Christians, are willing to trust the thrice-married Fink-Nottle, who, let us remember, started the acquisition process of wives No. 2 and No. 3 while he was still married. Yes, yes, forgive seventy times seven, and all that. But to forgive someone doesn’t mean you trust them to have the character required to be president. Me, I’m far more concerned about Fink-Nottle’s slippery character regarding policy and, well, basic integrity. Why do pro-Gingrich Christian “values voters” find Fink-Nottle so much more appealing than Romney, especially given that they aren’t far apart at all on policy, and they’re both epic flip-floppers?

I think two reasons. The minor reason is anti-Mormon bigotry. They’d rather have a sleazy multiple adulterer with a messiah complex rather than a buttoned-down Mormon who as far as anybody knows has been a faithful husband and good family man. The major reason is that Newt knows how to preach a tent revival, while Romney comes off like a respectable Mainline dullard who footnotes his sermons. The people want entertainment, and fire in the belly. Simple as that. If Fink-Nottle says he’s sorry, cheap grace will rain down on him like confetti on closing night at the convention. They want to toss Obama that bad. All that stuff about Bill Clinton and bad character? Forget about it. That was then, and he was a Democrat. Newt sounds good. These credulous souls will apparently sell their good sense for a pot of message.

Are you a pro-Newt Christian? Tell me why I’m wrong. Serious, open question.