I have not commented on the horrific shootings in the Lafayette movie theater. What is there to say? True, the usual suspects are using the incident to argue for their positions on gun control, but to me, the particularly terrifying aspect of the Lafayette case is its randomness. The shooter had no connection to the area, and no apparent reason for doing what he did. He seems to have aimlessly drifted into that town, into that movie theater, into that showing on that night, and unleashed his demons on the crowd.

When I heard, though, that the ghouls of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning to picket the funerals of the two local women killed by that devil, I thought, “Oh, oh, oh, they have NO IDEA what they’re messing with.” You do not want to do that to Cajuns. You just don’t.

If you want to see a miracle, look for the Westboro trash to escape Acadiana without getting their butts whipped. A Facebook movement has arisen down here to get volunteers to form a human shield between Westboro’s squad and mourners of the dead women. So far, they have nearly 5,000 volunteers. I seriously wouldn’t doubt that Westboro is going to find more trouble down here than they anticipate. And I seriously wouldn’t mind it if they did. Some people just have it coming to them.