This is a striking video. It’s Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC Davis, walking to her car. She’s walking past a gantlet of students, who sit in silence. Katehi is highly unpopular with UC Davis students for having ordered campus police officers to clear nonviolent protesters off campus. That order, when executed, involved a cop pepper-spraying peacefully protesting Occupy students (see that video here). James Fallows points out that the “disciplined, contemptuous dead silence” of these students is incredibly powerful — far more powerful, I would say, than if the students had been screaming at her. Fallows says “as a moral confrontation, this is a rout.”

I would ask my fellow pro-lifers: how would you feel if what was done to those particular UC Davis protesters had been done to pro-life demonstrators demonstrating in the same way outside an abortion clinic. Actually, the pro-life protesters would have faced a worse fate than the Occupy students; they would have been violating the FACE law, and would have been subject to federal prison. Still, you get the point. You don’t have to agree with the Occupy movement or its strategies to find what was done to those kids appalling.

If Occupy wants to regain the national initiative, this video below shows how to do it: