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The Charles Ephrussi of the Bozart

Like Charles Ephrussi was to late 19th-century Parisian art, Your Working Boy has just become a patron of the local creative scene here in St. Francisville, the Paris of the Felicianas, or something. I’m joking in a very big way — Ephrussi was a skrillionaire, and extremely cultured; I am, er, neither — but it really did mean something to me to have just read “The Hare With Amber Eyes,” and to have learned about how much Ephrussi did to support artists and the community of art in Paris in his day. He set a good example. When our friend Ellen here in St. Francisville forwarded me the following information about a young theater company trying to raise a little bit of money via Kickstarter to put on a summer schedule, Julie and I were pleased to be able to throw some money their way. Man, I would have loved to have had something like this when I was growing up here.  Something non-sports-related for geeks to do to have fun. I’m fortunate now to be in a position to help them mount their summer schedule, and to be able to join my neighbors in pitching in for these young artists. I bet there are some arts groups, or other creative entrepreneurs, in your town or locality who could use a donation to make something good happen. Think about giving them something, would you? Go to Kickstarter.

(You could also consider a tax-deductible donation to TAC, and help make good things like this blog happen, as well as help support and expand a voice for traditionalist conservatism. IJS.)

By the way, I am assured that I will now have naming rights to the last production of the summer, the New Play Festival. I’m thinking of asking that it be called the Myrna Minkoff New Play Festival, but I’m open to suggestions from you readers. The Night of Joy New Play Festival? The Lana Lee? The Burma Jones? I dunno, the Burma Jones New Play Festival has about it a certain je ne sais quoi.

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