My friends M. and H. are Aggies. The Aggies lost tonight to Alabama. This is how their little boy took it. M. posted this image on Facebook, no doubt after making that heartbroken kid stand wearing his diaper for yell practice. You know how Aggies are. Sadly, this tragedy will be repeated on November 23, in Tiger Stadium. I suggest putting Junior in front of a VeggieTales video or something during the game, to preserve his innocence.

(Seriously, I love this photo. That sweet kid!)

On the other hand, the Birmingham News reports:

Ask Alabama fans what they think about College Station, and it’s pretty much unanimous: A&M is sort of like the anti-LSU.

Tide fans started to converge on campus and its nearby hot-spots this afternoon. The hospitality so far, they said, stands out above all else they’ve encountered.

“These are very cordial people, unlike LSU,’’ said Richard Martin of Montgomery. His buddy James Howard agreed. “They go out of their way to come talk to you. They’re young (in the SEC) I guess.”

It’s surprising, or maybe not, how often the LSU comparison has been tossed around today. “They’re not even close to LSU,’’ said Hoover’s David Nichols. “The folks here have just been very hospitable.”

Ouch. Well, good luck finding something good to eat in College Station, folks. And hey, Aggies, don’t turn your back on those Bama fans up in the Popeye’s.