I don’t have an opinion on the woebegone Carnival Cruise ship, but damn, would I ever want to go on a cruise after this? Not in a million years:

By Tuesday night, passengers were sending messages about the stench from feces and urine and dwindling food supplies. Mattresses had been hauled to hallways and the deck where sleeping was a bit cooler. Tension and fear were running high. On Thursday, Julie Hair called her husband from the ship to report that their 12-year-old daughter had Skittles candy for breakfast and that she ate cold waffles. The smell on board “was horrendous,” she said. “We thought the toilet was flushing today, but the water was coming up.”

Andres Colon, whose aunt was evacuated and whose wife, Brenda, was on the family trip, kept in touch with brief texts and phone calls until late Tuesday. One of the last things he heard was from a cousin, whose pregnant wife was on board.

“He waited for about three hours just to get her half a hamburger,” he said.

Exciting and new! More:

“’First time on a cruise, last time on a cruise,’ that’s what she’s saying,” Ms. Betts said. Passengers on the dark, largely powerless ship have mostly pulled together, her daughter reports, despite cold food, murky brown drinking water and the constant stench of human waste.

There is some laughter, her daughter told her, “but mostly praying and crying.”

I hear that they ate Shelley Winters.