The families of victims who were injured or killed in a drunken-driving crash in Texas expressed outrage Wednesday after the teen driver who avoided jail time in the crash was ordered to go to a rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents.

State District Judge Jean Boyd again decided to give no jail time for Ethan Couch, defense attorney Reagan Wynn and prosecutors told reporters after the hearing, which was closed to the public. Prosecutors had asked Boyd to sentence him to 20 years in state custody on charges related to two people who were severely injured.

Couch was previously sentenced to 10 years’ probation in the crash that killed four people in June 2013. The sentence stirred fierce debate, as has the testimony of a defense expert who says Couch’s wealthy parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility. The expert termed the condition “affluenza.”

And get this:

Couch, who’s currently in state custody, is expected to receive alcohol and drug rehab, and could face prison time if he runs away from the facility or violates any other terms of his probation, Alpert said.

There is no minimum amount of time Couch must spend in the facility before his release, prosecutor Riley Shaw said.

Is there anything remotely sympathetic about the Couch family, Judge Jean Boyd, or Reagan Wynn, who won his client’s case with a Driving While Rich, Young, And White defense? I can’t see it. Hey, the defense lawyer did what defense lawyers are supposed to do: get their clients off. Still. Man.