I am not playing with you people. If you don’t become a TAC donor, I’m going to shoot that dang rabbit.

Ha! I kid, I kid. Now that I have your attention, let me make a respectable appeal for your support. I believe I can state without fear of contradiction that Ramesh Ponnuru would never threaten beloved family pets as part of a National Review pledge drive. We here in TAC’s Starhill bureau, in the wilds of south Louisiana, are somewhat less restrained. It’s a swamp people thing. I write about lots of serious things on this blog, but one thing I enjoy about doing it is the sense of the absurd that leavens the maximum heaviosity.

Things like Views From the Prytania. Cosimanian Orthodoxy. Walker Percy Weekends. And the occasional threat to rub out the Easter bunny. The world may be going to hell in a handbasket, but as long as we can get fresh ice for our drink and have a laugh, we’ll be fine. That’s my theory, anyway.

But let’s be serious for a minute.

This blog has a large number of new readers in the wake of the Indiana RFRA fallout. Welcome! I hope you’ll look around the site. You’ll find that TAC is an eclectic alternative voice in American conservatism, and that this blog, though focused heavily on the religious liberty issue since the Indiana uproar, is a pretty distinctive place too. Social and religious conservatism is my thing, but I also care about history, art, literature, cooking, and — broadly speaking — the connection between ideas and the way we live today.

And, of course, Dante. My new book is the second one to emerge from TAC and this blog. That is, both the Dante book and my previous one, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, began as blogging in this space. The enthusiasm of TAC readers and their input had a lot to do with developing these ideas. The next book I plan to write, The Benedict Option, will be the same, I think.

I could not have written these books without TAC, and without the support of TAC’s readers and donors. Thank you. If you like Gracy Olmstead’s Berryesque writing about home and place, or Daniel Larison’s forceful foreign policy commentary, or anything else here, know that it’s all made possible by you, our subscribers and donors.

If you have not yet become a donor to TAC, would you please consider it? It has struck me these past couple of weeks how many readers who are in positions of authority have written privately to tell me how much they appreciate my blogging here about the religious liberty issue, which doesn’t get nearly enough coverage in the mainstream media (which is no accident, of course). You can bet that I’m going to be watching this closely. If you value this kind of thing, please donate. If you don’t, well, you know that there will be all kinds of other things you like too.

If you live in North Texas, please come to the donor reception in Dallas at Wick Allison’s house on Thursday April 30. Tickets and info here. I’ll be there, along with TAC’s editorial leadership, including, no doubt. Daniel Larison, who lives in Dallas. You’ll receive a free signed copy of How Dante Can Save Your Life. And maybe a rabbit, if you’re lucky.

And if you live in Phoenix, I’d love to see you at the donor reception we’re having there on May 7 (tickets and info here). Come meet your fellow TAC readers, and let’s talk about Dante. Or the Fifth Gospel A Confederacy of Dunces. You tell me.

If you can’t make either event, here’s the page where you can become a TAC member right now.

And if you don’t, there will be hasenpfeffer for dinner at my house, and it will be all your fault.