Sorry I’ve been away from the keys all day. I’ve been in New York for meetings related to “The Little Way of Ruthie Leming,” my forthcoming book. On the flight up here, I found myself sitting next to the wife of an Orthodox priest from the South. They started out as Methodists, like me. She homeschooled her kids, one of whom is a verbally gifted person on the autism spectrum. We talked about food; on food issues, she’s as crunchy as I am. I don’t think I’ve ever met an Orthodox person under those circumstances, much less one who had so much in common with me. A friend described that as a “synchronicity.”

Today, after lunch (Gramercy Tavern’s meatball, oh man oh man … on top of halibut and raw oysters from the Monkey Bar for dinner last night!), I stopped by a wine shop to buy a bottle as a present for a friend. I got to talking to the clerk behind the counter. The shop was the New York outpost of the excellent Moore Brothers, which was my wine dealer when I lived in Philadelphia. I told the clerk I moved to Louisiana last winter, and miss Moore Brothers.

“Where in Louisiana?” he asked.

“A little river town called St. Francisville,” I said.

“I know it,” he said. “My brother-in-law lives there, in Starhill.”

“You’re kidding me!” I said. “Starhill is where I was born and raised. I’m in New York today because I had to have meetings at the publisher. I’m coming out with a book about my late sister and the Starhill community.”

Later, I texted a pal in Starhill, who knows my wine salesman’s brother in law.

What are the odds that I would walk at random into a wine store in Manhattan and find a Starhill connection?

I’m weird about this stuff, but in the past, I’ve found that good fortune has followed synchronicities like this. May it be so this time!