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Straight Fire From Tucker Carlson

Two GOP senators who have gotten on the fighting side of Tucker Carlson (From Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Straight fire from Tucker Carlson in his interview with The Federalist Radio Hour. Excerpts:

There is a revolution in progress. I can’t stop it. I’m just a talk show host, but I can certainly say what I think about it and encourage other people to do the same. I mean, again, this is a bias that’s inherent to my business that I think that change begins, always, when you describe what’s happening. Words are the seeds of action. And I’m just so struck by how few people have articulated what’s going on.

And it’s not that they don’t understand it. They do. They’re just too afraid. And I find that contemptible. I’m not particularly brave. I’ve never served in the military. I wouldn’t want to, you know I’d be afraid. So it’s not like I’m some particularly courageous person. I’m not. It’s just that so many people who should be brave are fleeing the scene, and that just didn’t enrages me.

I mean, it really is like watching absent fathers drink during the day and you keep thinking Where are your children? Where’s your wife? Like, why aren’t you doing your duty? How can you abandon them and continue to live with yourself?

That’s what I think of our leaders right now, almost all of them. You know what I mean, like we had a home invasion. You were the only one who could operate the shotgun, and you’re at the bar and turned your cell phone off, you know, when the kids got beaten up and mom got raped and they burned the house down. You know, because you left. You were supposed to protect us. I know that may sound melodramatic, but that’s actually how I feel about it.


This is the first revolution I’ve ever heard of this aims downward. I mean, this is an attempt by the most privileged people in our society to crush and humiliate the least privileged in our society. Again, you have to wonder why. There’s something really ominous about that. There’s something really, in addition to, you know how sinister it is and how just immoral what they’ve done is, it’s just a level of kind of bad sportsmanship that I can’t even process. You know what I mean?

The middle of the country is dying. The middle class is dying. The American middle class for the first time in modern history has seen its life expectancy decline, mostly thanks to fentanyl but there are other factors too. So these are the people who have the least, who are in the worst shape, and yet they are the explicit target of the rage of the rioters who really are the ruling class.

I don’t understand that. Why would you attack the weakest in your society? It’s grotesque. It’s contemptible.

The answer is that these are Marxisants who have substituted culture for class. It’s how they can be fabulously wealthy and powerful, yet consider themselves to be oppressed, or allies of the oppressed.

On the uselessness of Republican politicians and establishment figures:

I  mean there’s no more pretending. In a crisis, anyone who won’t defend you is with the enemy. Period. I know Kay Cole James [president of the Heritage Foundation], and she’s perfectly nice person. I’m not against her as a person. You know I’m not against Ron Johnson, you know, I’m not against Jim Lankford, two United States senators who today introduced legislation to abolish Columbus Day.

… A mob of revolutionaries are trying to eliminate American history. Why are they doing that? Not because they don’t like the aesthetics of the Columbus statue. No, they’re doing it because they understand that when you eliminate people’s past, you get to control their future. It’s a power grab.

If anyone doesn’t understand that, and anyone who plays along, wittingly or not, is your enemy. Period. So, I mean that’s just what it is. It, kind of, it all becomes very clear. So I’m happy about that because we don’t have to guess.

And I know Ron Johnson and I know Jim Lankford, and I like them both. I think Lankford’s legitimately smart, represents maybe the most conservative state of the union. But doing something like this puts Jim Lankford, you know, on the wrong side. The mob shows up at my house, I know for a dead certainty that Jim Lankford is not going to get out of the chair to save me or my family. Period. And therefore, Jim Lankford is not my friend. Jim Lankford is, in this moment, my enemy. Not personally, but factually.

Listen to (or read) the whole thing. It’s very clarifying. See, this is why more and more people on the Right are listening to Tucker Carlson: he’s not kowtowing to Conservatism, Inc.

UPDATE: An interesting comment from a reader:

Unsaid is the fact that the vast majority of the country, myself included, entirely accepts as orthodoxy most or all of those leftist advances.

Future of the American right is class based. Large scale culture war is indeed over or will soon be. It was a useful game while it lasted, but people like Tucker are increasingly useless to anyone with a concern for power, since they can’t win. Cultural right is incapable of conceptualizing a coalition of anyone other than themselves. This toxicity makes you useless and isolated in spite of clear plurality versus other groups which is naturally of great value. Either a plutocrats or a working class party is the future, either will disregard old culture war matters except for class specific undertones. Former outcome is much more likely.

Don’t complain about Conservative Inc surrendering your position when you’ve neglected alliance building. You’ve made it of no use to them anymore. You’re 20th century Germany – individually the strongest player on the board by a significant margin, but so toxic and threatening to all other players that they put aside old rivalries very quickly in order to dogpile you. The German eurocrats, by turning that menace on its head, ironically were far more astute players at solidifying German dominance over Europe than the earlier bands of militant nationalists.

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