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SJWs Shatter Volunteer’s Idealism

This came in the mail today. I’ve altered it somewhat to protect the identity of the sender, and publish this version with his permission:

I have been an avid reader of your blog for a few months now, since moving to Texas to live and work in a volunteer organization. A disclaimer at the beginning of this email: while this story may not fit in with the loss of the academy via political correctness, it certainly does so when considering the loss of mainstream Protestantism.

I am a white man and recent college graduate. I am Catholic, and following graduation, I decided to volunteer for a year. I wanted to serve at a faith-based organization, and having found one, affiliated with [a Mainline Protestant church], I decided to apply, and was accepted. Since August, I have been working at [faith-based institution, place], and living in a community with others working at various other sites in the city.

I have always considered myself a pretty liberal guy, though I suppose that was before being introduced in earnest to what you have termed “SJWs,” but for whom I prefer “illiberal liberals.” Since arriving, I have gotten increasingly frustrated as they have gradually grown bolder and bolder, to the point of accusing me of “microaggressions” (whatever the hell that cruel joke could possibly mean) for saying that I thought that we needed a more empathetic and effective means of curbing abortion, about which I said, “I think we can all agree that nobody wants, or actively desires more abortions, or thinks that they are a good thing.”

They accused me of trying to speak for everyone as a man, of “mansplaining” (again, whatever the hell that means), and of being blind to “the light.” When I tried to protest, and they found their argument (which was built on sand) collapsing, they grew only louder and eventually I had to just give up.

Since all of this, I find myself identifying less and less as liberal, as gradually the true “big tent party” has become the exclusive elitist proper language club. So even as I distrust Hillary and think Sanders is dangerous, I could never be a Republican, with all the idiocy on display from George W. Bush, and through this latest group of jokers. I am very passionate about politics, and our democracy, and I consider it nigh on a sin not to vote, but somehow I have found myself now on the outside looking in. An orthodox Catholic who just wanted to serve (Christ’s work), now shunned in an unhappy job–and it only looks to get worse. This Friday, we have a day in which all of the volunteers leave their jobs and get together. I have edited out the identifying information on the agenda, and attached it above. It made me sick to my stomach to read what I’m about to have to do…

I just wanted to grow in my faith, but have found instead, a brand of MTD supplemented by extreme political correctness. I hate it here, and feel like I was the victim of false advertising. The only reason I haven’t left (and sadly won’t leave), is because I made a commitment to the organization at which I am serving, and feel duty-bound to honor that, in spite of all the nonsensical lunacy going on around me. These people are PC sheep, and if that’s what it means to be a “liberal,” consider me an “independent.” Thank you for doing what you do, and I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of the BenOp book!

This stuff is insane, and the victimhood culture–not by the actually oppressed low-income Hispanic population I came here to serve, but rather that among these immature 20-something women with whom I have the misfortune to live–is real. Rather than being able to do Christ’s work, I find myself increasingly targeted as an over-privileged “man” (in the most derogatory sense imaginable, as though it was a crime) who doesn’t understand.

I have a photocopy of the itinerary the reader is about to have to undergo. He gave me permission to post his edited version (to remove names), but I’m hesitant to do that out of an abundance of caution. I will tell you that one of the sessions is about “power and privilege,” and focuses on “white privilege.” The other is a continuation of the previous days program, this one adding “oppression” and “microaggressions.” The afternoon features a workshop about gay consciousness.

This is all run by a liberal Mainline Protestant parachurch ministry. I looked into the reader’s identity, and everything checks out.

I wonder if the SJW youth and the adults that create them understand how much hatred and mistrust they sow? How cultish they are? Whenever I hear an SJW talk about “diversity,” I know that what they really mean is the imposition of rigid, intolerant, hypermoralistic left-wing ideology, and the demonization of anyone who disagrees with them. And “dialogue” is nothing more than: “You sit down and shut up and listen to us tell you how bad you are.”

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