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SJWs Chase McCrory Down Alley

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This is pretty scary. The Charlotte Observer describes what happened:

A video posted on Facebook appears to show North Carolina’s former governor, Pat McCrory, and Fox Business Network broadcaster Lou Dobbs being followed down a Washington alley as a group of people shout “shame” and “antigay bigot.” Some stronger language is used as well.

Eventually, police came to McCrory’s aid and pushed the people following him back.

On Sunday, via email, Ricky Diaz, who served as a spokesman for McCrory during his campaign for re-election, issued this statement:

“It’s regrettable that up to a few dozen protesters decided to stalk and shout insults at the governor and police when we should all be listening to each other and coming together as a country in a respectful manner. Governor McCrory is thankful to Lou Dobbs for helping during this incident, and very thankful to the D.C. police for keeping everyone safe during a very successful inaugural weekend.”

If you watch the video, you will hear one of the SJWs screaming, “We got you now!” This, after they had the governor, his wife, and his party trapped in the alley.

Can you imagine being unable to walk on the street without having to fear being chased down an alley by enraged left-wing protesters? I’m sure they see that as justice. They are summoning up a demon that they won’t be able to control, and that will damage them severely. I think that most people can imagine themselves in Pat McCrory’s position, unable to walk down the street minding his own business without being set upon by a righteously indignant SJW mob. And they will think: whatever side those bullies are on, I’m on the other one.

Is this what the SJWs do when they don’t get their way? Chase their opponents down blind alleys and scream at them until the police arrive? Is this what the fight for gay rights has turned into?

This video was posted first on Facebook, then picked up on a gay website before finding its way into the Charlotte Observer. It was apparently shared by LGBT protesters who were proud of what they did, and who expected that the video would make their own side proud of them too. These SJW types have no idea how they’re seen outside their bubble, and how much hatred and resentment they’re calling up. They can’t seem to understand that Donald Trump is not anti-gay. He agrees with Obergefell, and he criticized McCrory and NC Republicans for the bathroom bill. What they’re going to teach Trump is that if you are not 100 percent behind every single thing they want, in their eyes, you may as well be against them, bigot.

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