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Shame On Greek Orthodox Nazis

Disgusting and extremely alarming: [1]

Golden Dawn, the right-wing Greek political party often referred to as neo-Nazis, is ascendant on the political scene, and currently polls in third place at the national level.

The party has also been engaging in intimidation and street attacks on immigrants in Greece, who they target as a part of their extremist platform – and the police are reportedly in on it.

Golden Dawn has also drawn alarming support from parts of another institution supposed to provide refuge to such victims –  the church.

Here is a video [2] of Greek Orthodox priests blessing the opening of a Golden Dawn office. At least one brave Greek Orthodox bishop has spoken out [3] against these thugs:

In an interview with Imerisia newspaper, he described Golden Dawn as “uncivilized,” adding that the party’s acts “have nothing to do with ancient Greek civilization nor the Gospel.” He added: “We all have to take a clear stand on the Golden Dawn issue… we have to preach the word of God, which has nothing to do with the acts committed by members of Golden Dawn,” he said.

That came as Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michalolioakos gave the Nazi salute during a speech at a party rally.

There is, of course, an ugly history of Christian churches collaborating with fascists (e.g., the Croatian Ustase and Roman Catholicism [4]). Golden Dawn represents the rule of the mob, and rule by brute force. However rotten the Greek left and even the Greek mainstream parties may be, Greek fascism must not be allowed to contaminate the Church.

UPDATE: A Greek reader writes:

Writing from Thessaloniki. It’s really not that simple. Golden Dawn is horrible but their popularity is 90%+ due to the fact that the government has proven itself utterly incapable of dealing with the illegal immigration situation–and believe me, the illegal immigration situation here is atrocious. Africans arrive by the boatload, and the ones who are caught and put in jail claim they are being “inhumanely” treated by Greek authorities, so then Brussels and the European Court of Human Rights sticks Greek taxpayers with the bill. The ones who aren’t caught, which are the vast majority, hang around the city centers in packs, harassing tourists and driving away customers. And of course they don’t pay any taxes, but when they get sick they go to the already-overstressed Greek public health care system… once again, sticking Greek taxpayers with the bill.

So in short, Golden Dawn may be worse than the problem, but people are responding to Golden Dawn because the government has proven itself either incapable or unwilling to address a real and ongoing crisis. I wouldn’t read too much into the Third Reich posturing or the vague Hermetic associations, it’s not like Greeks have suddenly become Nazi occultists. There is simply a huge problem with illegal immigration, and Golden Dawn has been much more effective in addressing that problem than the government.

I appreciate this update. Thanks. The failures of the mainstream parties, and the pain that imposes on ordinary people, really do call up extremism.  This is not to excuse it, but to understand it.

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60 Comments To "Shame On Greek Orthodox Nazis"

#1 Comment By Siarlys Jenkins On October 30, 2012 @ 11:12 pm

Africans arrive by the boatload, and the ones who are caught and put in jail claim they are being “inhumanely” treated by Greek authorities, so then Brussels and the European Court of Human Rights sticks Greek taxpayers with the bill. The ones who aren’t caught, which are the vast majority, hang around the city centers in packs, harassing tourists and driving away customers.

This is no small consideration. History teaches that when a right, a concession, or a liberty is created or formally acknowledged, it will be used in any way possible by any leech, mooch, moron, lecher, gangster, racketeer, etc. for their own benefit, or as a cover.

If the boundaries of legitimate authority and individual liberty are properly delineated, this can be handled — this is what constitutions are for. But if the mere use of a phrase, even “human rights” is reflexively responded to with instant vindication of the complainant, there will be no rights at all.

In fact, the street gang is the original template of the emergence of government, states, kingdoms, empires, and organized warfare. Anarchy leads directly to tyranny, because nothing stops the strongest from announcing, “There is no law — except my will.” (Borrowed from James Michener’s Hawaii, concerning the spontaneous “governance” of the leper colony.)

Fascism is merely a better organized gang of thugs offering a protection racket. Thus I will not join Young, Polichinello, N&D, et. al, in virtually declaring themselves fascists. Nor would I accept Hitler as the alternative to Thaelmann — thousands of German Jews did, and look how grateful the Nazis were for their support!

But anyone concerned with constitutional liberties needs to recognize that unless a constitutional government (or a classroom teacher) has sufficient powers to enforce a common set of standards, there will be, in practice, no liberties at all.

#2 Comment By MH – Secular Misanthropist On October 31, 2012 @ 7:12 am

JonF said :

I am quite shocked at the would be tyrants and apologists for rank evil suddenly rising out of the abattoir.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, my stomach wasn’t strong enough for it.

#3 Comment By Gorgon Killer On October 31, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

Much of the talk about democracy here is driven by utilitarian considerations only. I reject democracy because it is morally unjust: it is the rule of the many inferior over the few superior, of the weak who mass together against the strong and call this equality “justice.”

Furthermore, fascism is itself democratic, everyone on this thread is a democrat because the only concerns here are about the people, the welfare of the people. Whether you believe this is achieved though Caesaristic means (one man rule) in a crisis, or by parliamentary debate, is unimportant, you all think that the good of the people is what matters. The leftist elites are also democratic, they genuinely believe that they are “reeducating” the people so they can be free (an “educational dictatorship,” the Rousseauean/Jacobin option). I say, you can all go to hell. I suport not democracy of any kind, but only the cause of high culture, which requires an aristocracy. Golden Dawn are vulgar authoritarian democrats. Immigration restriction is important, sure, but regime form shouldn’t be judged by this one issue alone. The very reason third world immigration is a problem in the first place is because of the problem of democracy.

#4 Comment By Traditional American Conservative On October 31, 2012 @ 5:26 pm

Plus ca change plus la meme chose. Look down through history: elite classes have always married and socialized within themselves.

Look down through history, indeed.

#5 Comment By Antifo On October 31, 2012 @ 8:46 pm

Please don’t call them “Greek Orthodox Nazis”.

In 1988 they wrote in one of their publications:

“The religion of Europe is the paganism, the expression of the religious feeling of the aryan human. In paganism survived the age-old religion in it’s primordial purity, the tradition, the celebrations, the myths and an ongoing and fruitful contact with the nature.”

If you deem them orthodox, this may be because you have a negative bias against orthodox christianity.

[Note from Rod: Guy, I *am* an Orthodox Christian. Second, my response was predicated on the report that Golden Dawn is trying to associate itself with Orthodoxy, and some Orthodox priests are going along with this. I would not be surprised to learn that Golden Dawn, like the Nazis, is really a pagan front that is using the language of Christianity, mixed in with nationalism, to draw converts and sanitize itself. During the Nazi era, this sort of thing compromised millions of German Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, though thankfully not all; it shouldn’t happen to the Greek church. — RD]

#6 Comment By Antifo On October 31, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

Actually here you got a summary of a statement, that appears to sympathize with Golden Dawn:

Protho Thema reported the Metropolitan Ambrosius of Kalavryta issued a 13 point statement expressing friendly feelings towards Golden Dawn. He said, “I can not understand how and why the ideas of the Golden Dawn are subversive,” as he questioned why the dangerous ideas of SYRIZA and the KKE (Communist party) and not considered subversive.

Ambrosius went on to say that the “treacherous media….project and magnify any excesses of Golden Dawn” whilst remaining silent on the exploits of SYRIZA, recalling the hooded anarchists responsible for burning the Athens bank, resulting in the deaths of three bank employees.
But when you read the 13 point statement, you’ll find it is well balanced. Here you find the link to the statement in Greek language:


IMHO the Metropolitan is right: SYRIZA and the communists are no better. The main stream media just ignores how totalitarian the left-wing extremist parties are.

#7 Comment By Ted On November 1, 2012 @ 10:18 am

The metropolitan of kalavyta is right about the violence of
The Greek left but does not seem to get it about golden
Dawn. The latter believes in nazi racism and occultism
While trying to hide under the church’s good name.

When in Athens a few years ago, I read one of gd’s
Publications on a newsstand. Their contempt for
The church is beyond dispute. Both the ecumenical
Patriarch and then archbishop christodoulos were
Depicted as Dupes In a Jewish conspiracy because they
Condemned anti semitism.

One of gd’s members also performs in a black metal band
Which promotes anti Christian and pagan ideas. The black
Metal scene in Norway during the 1990’s was responsible
For crimes Including murder and the burning of 100
Lutheran churches.

To date nine bishops in Greece have rightly spoken against
Gd which is incompatible with Christianity.

#8 Comment By Jj Press456 On February 15, 2013 @ 3:54 pm

“To date nine bishops in Greece have rightly spoken against
Gd which is incompatible with Christianity”

If expelling aliens is wrong, the Catholic Church in Spain was wrong for expelling the Muslims. And, I’m sure the clergy and medieval Spanish governments had arguments against yours…

I’m not saying Golden Dawn is right, but, a person should not be an alien in his own country. He has the right to protect himself and his own against invasion.

#9 Comment By Niko On March 5, 2013 @ 3:48 pm

@Gorgon Killer

The return of the aristocracy may indeed be desirable, but the Greek Royal Family cannot save Greece; only Fascism can, at this point.

The King can surly serve Greece, once she is saved from those international bankers and spectators that have soiled her; Greece must be reformed into “fortress Greece” (you have to admit, the world is now a very dangerous place).

Let’s not forget that Plato created Fascism (‘The Republic’), so it is 100% Hellenic. The salute is Roman, as are the Greeks too.

Metaxas was a Fascist. The Church respected him. As did the Greek Royals. Odd to think that it is somehow “wrong” for our Church to respect Fascism, considering their Byzantine legacy. In fact, the Church has only been acquainted with “liberal democracy” for about 39 years!

Go to Mt. Athos , a self-ruled republic in Macedonia (northern Greece), and you will quickly discover that our Church is loyal only to the Greek King, where they have HUGE paintings of him and pray fervently every day for his return. They are the Byzantine remnant, after all. Again, our Church has NO ties to “democracy” anywhere in history.

Democracy is a scam, in my humble opinion. Half the population telling the other half how to live is not freedom. Democracy is when the ancient Greek elites tallied up the stones and threw Socrates off of a cliff for “corrupting the Youth.”

Greece needs a CAPTAIN, not a committee.

#10 Comment By Karen On March 28, 2015 @ 11:17 pm

“Harrassing tourists and driving away customers” Typical petty bourgeois fascist, blaming these desperate immigrants for their misery. Greeks Orthodox are just like Syrian Orthodox, close minded and racist. They yell and slam the door on anyone who isn’t their close family or friend