There’s a wonderful young husband and father in my town, Jamie Navarre, and he’s been walking Ruthie Leming’s cancer path for a while. Stage IV. He’s in very bad shape tonight, and posted this to his Facebook today, as he is headed to Tulsa for yet another medical intervention:

I have no idea what’s going on are how good or bad my situation is. Don’t know when or if I coming home from okl. Could be minor could major. Left no stone unturned or any regrets behind. Signed my will last night and then told my 8 year old son next time he plays ball I might be watching him with paw paw I may live 6 days 6 months or 60 years but I felt I owed it to him to be honest.

I don’t know if they operating on my lungs or my spleen. I have been coughing up a lil blood that’s the reason I’m worried.

The point is there are things in life you can’t control or don’t want to do but all you can do is give it your best. The one thing I learned from Ruthie lemming is to make sure you tell your kids it’s not Gods fault. I whispered in his ear while he was sleeping I wouldn’t trade my 8 years with you for a 100 years with anyone else. I don’t post for pity I real as they come. Pity is for people with [no] faith hope or will. And I can promise you I still got all 3.

God Bless all if you who pray for me and even the ones that don’t. After I told Tucker last night I laid in bed and talked to Jesus told how thankful I was and my special 8 year old gift. I told him I’m willing to stay or go its up to him. And then a peaceful feeling came over me. I thought about not posting this but this is who I am and what I’m about. Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart. Gods always there to pick up the pieces!!

If you pray, please pray for Jamie Navarre and the Navarre family. They need it bad.

UPDATE: This from Jamie this morning, via Facebook; a farewell poem for his young son:

Didnt get great news I have been admitted into hospital. They say sometimes a cancer patient just knows when something’s off. I am and will not give up. A few weeks ago i thought I should write down some things or lessons I have learned in the past. Instead I came up with a poem. Lol


Never let me be the excuse why you fail
Or why you took a wrong turn on life’s trail
Instead when you know you have made me proud
Don’t be afraid to shout it out loud
Do your best and give it all you can
I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see you grow from a boy to a man
You are Gods greatest gift to me
I am great full for the time spent with thee
I tried to act tough and strong
Even when things were going wrong
I am sorry you had to watch me cry
You comforted me with a hug sometimes not knowing why
You had a lot of questions in your head with no answer
All you knew was your dad had cancer
You will struggle more than a time or two
Just remember you have an angel watching over you
Sorry my time with you was gone so fast
But we will be together again at last

I love you Tucker!!!