The debate was in the middle of the night here in Italy, so I missed it live, but if this clip is any indication of how it turned out, Rubio beat the tar out of Trump. McKay Coppins:

While Cruz and Trump traded jabs as well, it was Rubio who landed the strongest blows of the night. During a round of questions about how to replace Obamacare, Rubio repeatedly — and aggressively — challenged the billionaire to provide detail to his health care proposal. The best Trump could muster under pressure was variations on, “We’re going to have many different plans.”

And in one of the most memorable attacks of the night, Rubio dismissed his business success as a mere byproduct of a rich father.

“If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan,” he said.

The line drew loud applause in the debate hall and blew up Twitter, but it almost certainly got under Trump’s skin more than any other unkind word said about him Thursday night. The real test for Rubio will be whether he can accelerate his campaign’s momentum in Super Tuesday states amid a barrage of insults from The Donald in coming days.

In that clip above, Trump came across like a windbag-turned-punching-bag. Is that how it went? Tell me, you who watched the debate.