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Roger Mahony Suffers For Your Sins

I’m sorry to harp on this, but the public meltdown of the sociopathic narcissist Cardinal Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles, continues. On his blog now, he’s identifying himself with Jesus:

The poem of the Suffering Servant is important for all of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ since we are called to imitate his words, actions, and life.  Part of that journey will always entail suffering from time to time.  But what makes Jesus’ suffering so different, and so important for us, is that he lived out Isaiah’s prophecy fully:  “…he did not open his mouth…”

That means never rationalizing what is happening in our lives, never protesting misunderstandings, and never getting angry because of false accusations.  And that is so difficult for us human beings.  It is certainly difficult for me on my journey.

Not opening our mouth in repudiation or backlash goes against our human nature, and against our pride.  But remaining silent after the example of Jesus leaves each accusation in the hands of our loving and forgiving God, not in the hands of other humans with varied agendas.

Mahony oversaw the rape and molestation of many Catholic children, and even tried to help pedophile priests escape the police — yet in his mind, he is the real victim in all this. This is way past the point of outrageous, and is flat-out freakish.

True, Jesus is an example to us of how to suffer. The difference between Jesus and Roger — well, one difference, and the important one here — is that Jesus was innocent. Roger, not so much.

If Mahony has any friends left, they need to stage an intervention and seize the man’s laptop before he makes it any worse.

UPDATE: A reader sends this LA Times story showing that in some cases, Mahony tried to get rid of molester priests, but the Vatican dragged its feet.

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