The American Catholic writer Amy Welborn is traveling with her two youngest children through France right now, doing what she calls “roamschooling.” They’ve been visiting the medieval walled town of Parthenay, from where Amy writes:

An Englishman stopped me, as he heard me talking, and joked that we had come a long way.  For his part, he and his wife had retired to Parthenay, and were escorting her parents around on a visit.  He inquired if the boys were on holiday (and we do get double takes and curious looks as we walk about during the school day), and I said I educate them at home (thinking “HAHAHAHAHAHAH! EDUCATE!) ..and he said, delighted and surprised, “Well, so did we!”

Not in France, where it is rather difficult, legally (people do it, but it’s a challenge), but in England.

“After all,” he said, “They’re our children, aren’t they?”


Amy and I have been e-mail friends for over a decade now, but we’ve never met. Next month, though, we will finally meet in Paris, of all places. She and her boys will be staying there at the same time the Drehers will be there. Roamschooling fun for all, straight ahead!