Sen. David “Sweathog” Vitter, the Louisiana Republican, doesn’t like that Mr. Kotter is making him get his lazy butt back to Capitol Hill to, you know, do his job:

Typical Harry Reid. He’s now scheduled votes that should’ve been held this morning for right before and right AFTER the prez’s speech. Pens in those who would have skipped speech, like me. So now I’ll miss my own Saints game party at home. Always knew Harry was a Dirty Birds fan! Don’t worry–only strengthens my Who Dat resolve. On to the Super Bowl!

Dude! Harry Reid is making the Senator from New Orleans skip his football party to come listen to the President of the United States talk! Harsh. (Hello, WhiteWhine!)

Honestly, isn’t this just ridiculous? One doesn’t expect much out of a Louisiana politician, Lord knows, but one does expect him to actually show up for work, even if he’s blind drunk and just stumbled out of a cathouse. It is disgraceful not only to prefer to skip a presidential address (!) to attend your own football party, but even more disgraceful to publicly complain that the Senate Majority Leader had to schedule votes to make you and your hooky-playing buddy Jim DeMint display the basic respect they owe to the President and the Senate, and to their own voters, by putting on their big-boy suits and standing at attention when the President walks into the room. It’s one thing to oppose Obama, but it’s quite another to show yourself to be such a juvenile that you can’t be bothered to turn up to hear him formally address Congress about the economy at a time when 14 million people are out of work. But maybe drinking beer at a football party means more to Sen. Vitter than treating the plight of the jobless with the seriousness it deserves.

This is true:

[Sen. Harry] Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson took aim at Vitter’s remarks, calling it “a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party when a Republican senator is whining about having to show a modicum of respect to the President of the United States, and do the job his constituents hired him – and are paying him – to do.”

Yeah you right. Sens. Vitter and DeMint (and Rep. Jim Walsh, Illinois Republican) don’t demean Obama with this stunt. They demean themselves, and they demean their party.