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Racializing The Democratic Party

That’s a clip from C-SPAN of Sally Boynton Brown, an Idaho Democrat who is in contention to become the next head of the DNC. The question to the group of DNC chair candidates was about how the party needs to relate to Black Lives Matter. You can see a clearer version of the clip embedded here [1]. Boynton Brown said that “prejudice exists within our own party,” and we need to talk about it.

I’m a white woman, I don’t get it. … My job is to listen and to be a voice. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. [Applause.] My job is to shut other white people down when they say ‘Oh no, I’m a Democrat, I’m not prejudiced, I’m accepting. My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege. And until we shut our mouths …”

Et cetera. You know where this is going. She concluded by saying that “people of color have the answers,” and that if elected, she will listen to them “so that I can go school the other white people.”

Snarked the reader who sent me this clip, “This bodes well for the future.” Yep.

Anti-white racial self-abasement is not a particularly good look, but hey, maybe that’s what it takes to get ahead in the Democratic Party right now. That’s a good way to create more Republicans. Funny thing is, ardent white liberals who say things like this never seem to want to give up their own positions of power, or to withdraw from seeking positions in power, so a person of color can occupy it. If they really believed their own rhetoric, wouldn’t they stand aside? Why should those party members voting for a new DNC chair choose a white woman who says that she doesn’t “get it,” and who is therefore going to do whatever people of color within the party tell her to do, when they could instead vote for an actual person of color? There are three black candidates and one Hispanic candidate for the job. If what Sally Boynton Brown says about whites in her own party is true, and indeed if what she says about herself is true, then she should withdraw and go to a spa somewhere to flagellate herself.

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52 Comments To "Racializing The Democratic Party"

#1 Comment By Art Deco On January 25, 2017 @ 3:40 pm

Blacks vote Democrat because

1) they are poor
2) they are reliant on federal and other government jobs
3) they are reliant on the system of anti-white discrimination known as ‘affirmative action’
4) voting in a bloc makes them more powerful than their 13% of the population would otherwise be

(1) Not particularly. They’re less affluent than whites. They have a personal income per capita about 1/3 lower or similar to that of the white population ca. 1985.

(2) There’s a mildly elevated preference for public employment (IIRC, the propensity to be employed in the public sector exceeds that of non-blacks by about 20%

(3) AA is salient for public sector employees and in certain professions – e.g. law, academe, hr. It distorts and disfigures the labor market and the occupational lives of blacks to a degree, but the benefits of it are niched and black wage-earners see little of it.

(4) There are lots of white evangelicals too. About 80% vote Republican. The influence they have over public policy in supralocal settings approaches nil.

#2 Comment By Thomas Kaempfen On January 26, 2017 @ 9:19 am

I’m a liberal and this may be the stupidest stupidest speech I’ve ever seen! Are there really people out there who think the problem with modern liberalism is insufficient white guilt?

We all need to be more conscious of racism, and conservatives are generally in woeful denial about the way it still constrains and limits non-white lives. Al whites should listen more to blacks, they’d learn a lot about how their fellow countrymen live. But it’s possible to face these things and talk about these things without hating yourself for being white! That’s just foolish, and destructive and a total political non-starter! As it should be.

There’s big a difference between listening and learning vs. self-abasing yourself to prove your own moral purity. Someone this foolish should be let nowhere near political power.