Did you know that the Girl Scouts have an official policy allowing “transgender” boys to join? They sure do — as a Colorado Scout leader found out when she told a seven-year-old boy whose mother lets him dress like a girl that he couldn’t join her troop. Wrong! The leader was reprimanded.

Since the incident with the troop leader, the Girl Scouts of Colorado released the following statement saying that they welcome Bobby and other children who may be transgendered:

“Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and we accept all girls in Kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout. Our requests for support of transgender kids have grown, and Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to best support these children, their families and the volunteers who serve them. In this case, an associate delivering our program was not aware of our approach. She contacted her supervisor, who immediately began working with the family to get the child involved and supported in Girl Scouts.”

Hoo boy. Girl. Whatever.

UPDATE: Why would parents not want their little girls to be in the Girl Scouts? I can’t imagine. Snark. This pamphlet from Planned Parenthood encouraging masturbation and more (“There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!”) was distributed to adolescent Girl Scouts delegates at a 2010 UN conference. More:

At a Girl Scout conference in 2004, co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the Girl Scouts handed out a brochure to 700 grade-school girls with the title “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a guide that celebrated masturbation and that featured explicit drawings of couples having sex and a boy putting on a condom. It also listed, no surprise here, the top ten reasons for having an abortion.

The present day Girl Scouts are not your older sister’s Scouts, let alone your Moms. Not by a long shot. They seem to have joined up fully with the anything-goes-ethos of the left-wing sexual buccaneers and for it they are lauded at the UN. Compare that with the Boy Scouts who have remained true to their founding vision and to traditional values and for it they are banned from using public buildings.