Matthew Robare, commenting on the snark secularists are pouring on liberal Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin’s stern warning about the demonic, remarks acidly:

My European ancestors, who believed in the Real Presence and in miracles and demons and angels and evil, built a prosperous civilization and made stunning achievements in philosophy, poetry, art, engineering, science and architecture.

My European and American contemporaries, who do not believe in any of the things I mentioned, destroy cities for the sake of giant highways, have abandoned reason to the point of denying that objective reality and truth exist at all, have killed poetry, think that junk and pictures of the Pope in a jar of urine are art, discard or accept science as it suits their political biases and think that featureless concrete cubes constitute good architecture. And we’ve succesfully engineered numerous ways to poison whole regions and murder billions with the push of a button and claim that profit or national security are acceptable justifications.

Obviously, it’s the Modern World that’s doing things right.

I couldn’t have said it more succinctly myself.

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