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Prideful Left Eats Itself

Crackpottery in Chicago:

However, the Dyke March Collective also ejected three people carrying Jewish Pride flags (a rainbow flag with a Star of David in the center).

According to one of those individuals—A Wider Bridge Midwest Manager Laurel Grauer—she and her friends were approached a number of times in the park because they were holding the flag.

“It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag,” she told Windy City Times.

She added that she lost count of the number of people who harassed her.

One Dyke March collective member asked by Windy City Times for a response, said the women were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” that the march was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.”

“They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” Grauer said. “Prior to this [march] I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.”

Another of those individuals asked to leave was an Iranian Jew named Eleanor Shoshany-Anderson.

“I was here as a proud Jew in all of my identities,” Shoshany-Anderson asserted. “The Dyke March is supposed to be intersectional. I don’t know why my identity is excluded from that. I fell that, as a Jew, I am not welcome here.”

A statement posted June 25 on the Dyke March Twitter account read, in part, “Sadly, our celebration of dyke, queer and trans solidarity was partly overshadowed by our decision to ask three individuals carrying Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags to leave the rally. This decision was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Dyke March Collective members.”

Even more crackpottery in Chicago: a group of LGBT radicals protested the Pride parade, issuing this statement. Excerpt:

Trans and queer communities, leading groups of accomplices, gather in a unified stance against the annual Chicago Pride Parade and Festival. We disavow the numerous atrocities done to the legacies of our ancestors and foremothers in the movement for trans and queer liberation, and the ever-increasing corporatization, whitewashing, gentrification, racism, and cisnormativity that have infused Pride for decades. This year, like so many years before, our communities have reached a breaking point.

The trans community of Chicago has risen up to explicitly denounce the Chicago Pride Parade and Festival, and to announce our intention to once again form our own spaces, to better serve and represent our own pride and liberation. The Compton’s Cafeteria Riots and the Stonewall Riots are how we mark the legacy of Pride: Strong, proud, and unapologetic trans resistance in the face of a world that continues to prefer our bodies as corpses in the ground, rather than revolutionaries in the streets.

Black Lives Matter Chicago is part of this event:


BLM in NYC is also boycotting its local Pride parades, because intersectionality.


What’s so interesting, and paradoxical, about the intersectionality insanity is that for all its intention to promote solidarity across various communities, it ensures that the masses won’t have anything to do with the causes these extremists promote.

To a point, that is. For all the chortling social conservatives may be doing about intersectionality and the militant left’s apparent self-sabotage, the joke may ultimately be on us. Don’t look to the Social Justice Warrior berserkers for a sign of the times. Look to the center. Fact is, the Overton Window — the frame that sets the bounds of public discourse — has moved phenomenally far to the left regarding LGBT discourse. When the standard-bearer of clean, family-friendly comedy — a guy who has been frequently lauded for his public Catholicism — tweets out something like what you see below, well, it’s fair to say that Times Have Changed. It is far more culturally significant that a figure like Jim Gaffigan does this than that fringey LGBT radicals get all ragey and Jew-hating:



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