Some of my readers will be, like me, subscribers to and fans of the Mars Hill Audio Journal and its host and creator, Ken Myers. I’ve just received word that Ken suffered a major heart attack on Saturday morning while at home in Virginia. He was airlifted to the UVA hospital in Charlottesville, and is in the ICU. Word is that doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery, but that it will indeed be a long recovery.

Please keep Ken and his family in your prayers. The man is a national treasure. If you’ve never sampled the Journal, click here to see why I call him that.

UPDATE: I was thinking tonight of sending flowers or something to Ken’s room at the hospital, but it occurred to me that a better gift would be to buy someone else a gift subscription to the Mars Hill Audio Journal, so more people can come to know and to enjoy Ken’s vital work. If you are an intellectually serious Christian, you need to be a subscriber. If you love Ken’s work and want to show him how much he, and it, means to you in his time of crisis, please consider going here and ordering a gift subscription for someone you know.