The Catholic writer and activist Joseph Sciambra, who is one of the bravest men in this country, went to the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco today, to attempt to talk to people about the faith — to, in the words of one of his supporters, “save people from the Hell in which he once lived.” The Folsom Street Fair is a yearly sadomasochistic street festival celebrating sexual kink. Sciambra posted this picture above from today’s event on his Facebook page.

San Francisco is so expensive that a family can be making six figures and still be low-income.  Yet its homeless problem is out of control, with used syringes and human urine and feces everywhere. And you can get a blow job on the street on a sunny autumn day, at a sadomasochism festival where people go naked and participate in sexual torture rituals.

Weimar America, people. Wake up.

UPDATE: I moved the image to below the jump, in case it might be unsafe for work. Sciambra blacked out the details, but it’s still an image of men engaged in a sexual act. I urge you to see it, because it’s very powerful — but I don’t want to inadvertently get anybody in trouble.