On Wednesday, I ate most of a log of Crave Brothers mozzarella cheese, purchased at Whole Foods. I had eaten some the day before, as did my wife.

Friday morning I was really sick with, um, gastrointestinal issues. I’ve been shaky ever since, and am not yet out of the woods. This morning, Whole Foods announced a recall of a certain kind of Crave Brothers cheese over listeria contamination. Here is the latest from the FDA, which is investigating the Crave Brothers facilities.

This is not the type of Crave Brothers cheese I ate. I have no idea if my symptoms are consonant with listeria, either. It could be that I ate something on the Fourth of July that disagreed with me, though the symptoms of listeriosis don’t always show up right away. It seems to me that if the cheese would have been the agent, my wife would have gotten sick, though she ate much less of the mozzarella than I did. Then again, with my lingering mononucleosis, I have a much weaker immune system than she does.

Is this a thing? Should I be concerned? Give me advice, anonymous Internet people.

UPDATE: My doctor says it’s probably just a coincidence. What does he know? He’s only a trained medical professional.