A Parisian friend and reader of this blog writes to let me know that his two friends murdered by Islamists at the Bataclan are remembered today in The New York Times. Excerpt:

Pierre Innocenti and his cousin Stéphane Albertini were enjoying a rare Friday night out at the Bataclan concert hall with some friends.

The two men, along with Mr. Innocenti’s younger brother, Charles, were co-managers of a popular Italian restaurant in the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine that has been owned by members of their extended family for three generations. Friday was normally a busy work night for both, but Charles, the restaurant’s head chef, had agreed to cover for them.

Before they went into the Bataclan and grabbed a drink at the bar, Mr. Innocenti snapped a photo of the hall’s marquee advertising the evening’s headline act, the American band Eagles of Death Metal. At 8:45 p.m., he posted the image to his Facebook page with the comment: “Rock!”

Less than an hour later, Mr. Innocenti and Mr. Albertini were dead, shot by one of three gunmen who burst into the lobby and fired indiscriminately into the crowd as they made their way toward the auditorium, where they took hundreds of audience members hostage.

Three generations have owned that little restaurant. And now this. Kyrie eleison.