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Well. A reader did this screen grab before Dan Tynan, editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Tech, thought better of it and removed his contribution. You expect this sort of thing from Sam Biddle, who writes for Gawker, but the editor-in-chief of a major tech website?

It is not surprising that someone in Tynan’s senior position in the tech world thinks that about conservative Christians. What is so revealing is that he didn’t think before tweeting it — as if it were such a normal thing to think and say that it was no big deal to tweet it.

Remember that Brendan Eich was forced from the company he helped to found not because he tweeted abusive and vulgar insults about gays and lesbians, but because he made a small private contribution to the Prop 8 campaign. A Dan Tynan can tweet something incredibly bigoted, and … you watch, nothing. Of course Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has bigger problems to worry about than the public fatmouthing of an anti-Christian bigot who runs one of her failing company’s sites. Still, if you are a believing Christian who works for Yahoo!, especially at Yahoo! Tech, you will either resign, or go deeper into the closet, because to be out in the workplace is to identify yourself as a target for discrimination by management.

Don’t tell me, “Oh, not all liberals believe this!”, as if that is supposed to make us not notice. Of course not all liberals believe this. That’s not the point. The point is that this is an example of stunning, casual bigotry that exists at a senior level in tech. This is the kind of thing that no one in his position could ever say about, say, Black Lives Matter activists, and hope to remain employed.

There is a double standard. Christians — at least the orthodox ones — cannot afford to forget it, no matter how much they think that practicing personal “winsomeness” is going to keep them safe. This is not going away. Dan Tynan’s expectoration counts as virtue in that world.

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