Please make it stop:


The North Texas pastor who once challenged his congregation to have 7 days of sex will now spend 24 hours in bed with his wife and stream it live on the Internet.

Fellowship Church Pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa, who have in the past garnered national attention for their innovative and frank approach to discussing sex and religion in marriage,including infidelity, are launching a 24-hour “Sexperiment” to help promote a biblical view of sex to show people “how sex done God’s way can lead to a life punctuated by exclamation marks—a life full of passion, purpose, and pleasure,” according to a statement on the church’s website.

The experiment will place the couple in a bed on top of Fellowship Church where, for 24 hours, they will not only eat and sleep, but they will conduct bedside interviews, talk via Skype with friends from around the world and discuss the biblical view of sex in a marriage.

Frank Beckwith asks: “First known case of pastorbation?” Heh.

Are they going to, you know, do it? On the roof? In front of everybody? Is the threat that the pastor and his lady might get it on part of the, um, allure here?

Seriously, though, who in the world finds trivial stunts like this anything but humiliating? It’s not exactly St. Paul in the Agora, is it?