Scrolling through DirecTV’s offerings just now, I happened upon a program from a Dallas area megachurch. It was just winding down, so I only got to see the “what you get for your love offering” part. Man, this world is so foreign to me. I could hardly believe it. Here’s the website version of what they were selling on the show:

As a thank you for your gift of $200 to the ministry, you will receive this Passover Package that will help you and your family and friends celebrate the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Pastor Larry’s 2CD/1DVD teaching series “Passover, Communion and the Blessing of the Four Cups” has been included to give you fresh insights and revelations on this Spring Feast season. The DVD features Pastor Larry teaching the significance and revelation of Passover as he takes you through an actual Seder dinner. Also included is the fold out booklet, “Christ in the Passover” that will lead you through this time of celebration. A specially designed, hand-crafted, silver plated seder plate and kiddush cup with matching saucer have also been included for your personal Passover celebration with family and friends. We have also included the 5CD teaching series, book and bookmark of the “7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood” by Pastor Larry Huch. As a daily reminder of the promises and protection of God over your home, we have added a custom designed 7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood Mezuzah with scroll. The final piece in this memorable package of resources is an authentic “crown of thorns” direct from Israel, boxed with purple cloth and note, suitable for framing or display.

Got that? You get your own Jesus-themed mezuzah, seder plate and kiddush cup, and a how-to guide to do a seder in your Christian home. Plus an authentic (versus imitation?) Crown of Thorns manufactured in Israel.

Just to be clear, this shlock doesn’t offend me as a Christian, though I have no idea if it would offend Jews, or just amuse them. Probably the latter. But surely it is more than passing strange that a Texas megachurch ministry is giving away Jesus mezuzahs and kiddush cups to donors. You can never get bored studying American religion, that’s for sure.