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Paris Ben Op Diary

Chez Régis, in ecstasy

Hello from Paris. I have not had time to blog much, mostly because I haven’t yet been able to get on the wifi system at the residence where I’m staying. But I’m having a bit of down time at my publisher’s office, so here I am.

As you may recall, I’m here in Paris to promote the French version of The Benedict Option. Here’s the website for the French version, including a schedule of all the events for the next week.

It will surprise you not at all that at day’s end, I went straight to Huîtrerie Régis, the Happiest Place On Earth™, to eat a dozen Marennes-Olerons. This photo of me in ecstasy (observe the exhausted, jet-lagged eyes) was taken by a Japanese designer sitting at the table next to me. (He and his wife run M. & Kyoko, and he is in town for Paris Fashion Week.) He and his assistant had just arrived that same day from Tokyo, and had, like me, rushed to Régis to eat oysters. What you cannot see in this photo is that I’m levitating several inches above my chair.

Here, on the right, is Régis le maître at work last night:

I also made a visit to the tomb of St. Genevieve, to say thanks. And I met with Thierry and Emmanuelle François, a farming couple from Picardy, who are active in Journées Paysannes, a national association of French Catholic family farmers who are trying to establish Christian agrarianism here. Here’s a photo of us; the bearded chap is Nicolas, my translator.

Even though I’ve only been here for a day and a half, I’ve done three interviews, and am preparing for a very busy week ahead. If you are in or around Paris, check out the link above to see where I’m going to be speaking.

I will write more when I have time — later tonight, I hope. I just wanted to let you know that I’m here in Paris and I’m full of oysters, which is to say, I am a happy man.

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