Lovely letter from an Australian reader:

Dear Mr Dreher,

Myself and members of my congregation are looking forward to your visit to Melbourne in a few weeks time.

We are a traditional and orthodox Anglican parish, I think almost unknown of now in your fair country.

We read The Benedict Option as our Lent study resource this year. We had two groups meet, one on Sunday afternoons and the other Monday nights. Some 30 people took part in the groups.
It inspired much interest, lively discussion and positive energy for the future.
So, thank you!

Attached a few images of some of those in involved.

I look forward to meeting you in person and God bless your good work.

Fr René Knaap
All Saints East St Kilda

How kind! Thank you, Father Knaap. I’ll be headed to Australia next week. Here are my public speaking dates. If I am not abducted by dingos or marsupialized Sasquatches, I expect to see you there: