Someone said the other day — on Twitter? In a combox thread here? — that the only thing her left-leaning friends refuse to joke about is Occupy Wall Street. That must be treated with due reverence. No irony allowed, and definitely no snark! Thank goodness Jon Stewart and The Daily Show don’t take OWS as seriously as its supporters do. Take a look at this report from last night’s episode, in which Samantha Bee explores the class divide and ghettoization of pre-raid Zuccotti Park. I especially love the guy who won’t let the poor use his iPad 2, but who believes in a society in which everyone can have access to an iPad 2. Just not his, because he’s against “private property” not “personal property.”


Can’t imagine why these earnest people never caught on with mainstream America. Watch below for the funniest four minutes you’ll see today.

UPDATE: What Erik Kain said, especially:

I don’t particularly care about what the OWS folks decide to do. I’m glad they shifted the conversation to economic inequality, but I think the lack of a serious set of alternatives to the current system is in a sense doing more harm than good at this point. People mostly want jobs, so perhaps it’s time for OWS to hone its message down to jobs. Right now the conversation has largely shifted to the ne’er-do-wells within the movement. Bad apples and such. This is unfortunate, but the movement’s business model left it wide open to this sort of public opinion meltdown.

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Occupy Wall Street Divided
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