A reader writes:

Was chatting with a friend couple earlier. They were going to a play where the subject was two teenage boys who explore their sexuality together to discern whether or not they are gay. This couple are self-styled conservatives, and quite involved in party political machinery locally here. Their perspective was this (paraphrasing): “Times have changed, you are behind the times and are being blinded by the old-fashioned views of your church — that’s not conservative, it’s reactionary, and we aren’t reactionaries, we are conservatives, and we have no problems with people being free to love and marry who they choose to love — everyone who is educated agrees, which means that this must be the right view, and it’s only your religious commitment that is blinding you to this.”

This is now what passes for “conservative Republican” on the coasts.

There is no future for us with the Republicans, other than as a “least worst option” — they dislike us, just not as much as the democrats do, and likely won’t persecute us with as much gusto. Maybe.

“Maybe” is right. Some young woke Christians are going to be out to prove that they aren’t like us deplorables.