So, your Thanksgiving menu. What’s on it? Anything special this year? This year, for the first time in maybe ever, we’re not cooking. It has been exhausting for our family lately, especially dealing with my chronic fatigue. We’re just not up to it ourselves. So we’re going to New Orleans for the holiday, and letting Domenica restaurant cook for us. Here’s their Thanksgiving menu.

Poll of the room: What’s one traditional Thanksgiving dish you love most of all? What’s one you could easily do without?

Best dish: for me, boringly enough, it’s the turkey.

Worst dish: sweet potatoes with anything sugary or cinnamony added to them. I like sweet potatoes just fine, but they are plenty sweet enough. They don’t need to be turned into dessert. A few years ago, I found a pureed sweet potatoes recipe that involved ancho chiles. It was spicy and delicious, but I’m pretty much the only one who likes sweet potatoes that way.