So, that was the view from my front porch on Friday. When we took our most beloved icon out, we knew that was it: we were gone. You’ll recognize the background from the cover of Little Way:


In the photo above, the rocking chairs are gone. The porch swing is gone. And now, so are we.

I’ll miss that old house. It was our first home when we moved back to my hometown. It was, it is, a beautiful old house, and we had so many good times there. Hated to move, but the family that owns it did not want to sell — I don’t blame them one bit — and we were ready to put down roots. We now live a mile from my mom and dad, and a mile from church, in Starhill. And a wonderful young couple is moving in to take our place. We passed them as we moved our chickens out, and they moved some things in. I know they’ll love the place as much as we did.

So, on to a new chapter in our family’s life. The hens are in a new place too. The words are Latin for “Bless this nest.” It seemed appropriately homeschooley and nerdy for us: