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NYC: No Traditional Christian Doctors Allowed

From Crain’s New York Business:

A new LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights created by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene highlights existing protections at the city, state and federal levels to guard against discrimination in the doctor’s office.
These include the right to have your gender identity recognized and accommodated, and the right to choose who will make your medical decisions if you’re unable to do so.
The city released the ten-point Bill of Rights Tuesday in honor of Pride Month, along with a new ad campaign encouraging people to “bare it all” to their doctors by talking about everything—including sex and drugs.
One of the posters for the campaign, which will appear on city transit, features Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, deputy commissioner for the health department’s Division of Disease Control, ripping his shirt open.
“We need to empower LGBTQ people with the knowledge that their health matters and with strategies to access the best-possible culturally responsive health care,” Daskalakis said in a statement.

A reader who sent this item in says [emphasis his]:

Many of these legal rights are positive or unobjectionable, but one is highly problematic: “Have your gender identity and gender expression recognized, affirmed, documented and accommodated.”

This, the reader says, will make it much harder to be a traditionally religious doctor in New York City.

If you think it will stop in NYC, you’re dreaming. From The Benedict Option:

Public school teachers, college professors, doctors, and lawyers will all face tremendous pressure to capitulate to this ideology as a condition of employment. So will psychologists, social workers, and all in the helping professions; and of course, florists, photographers, backers, and all businesses that are subject to public accommodation laws.

Christian students and their parents must take this into careful consideration when deciding on a field of study in college and professional school. A nationally prominent physician who is also a devout Christian tells me he discourages his children from following in his footsteps. Doctors now and in the near future will be dealing with issues related to sex, sexuality, and gender identity but also to abortion and euthanasia. “Patient autonomy” and nondiscrimination are the principles that trump all conscience considerations, and physicians are expected to fall in line.

“If they make compliance a matter of licensure, there will be nowhere to hide,” said this physician. “And then what do you do if you’re three hundred thousand dollars in debt from medical school, and have a family with three kids and a sick parent? Tough call, because there aren’t too many parishes or church communities who would jump in and help.”

Educate yourself. Speak out. Urge your pastors to speak out. But: prepare yourself, your family, and your community for a time of great testing. It’s coming. If we’re not talking about it and getting ready for it now, we’re fools. Start the conversation in your community now. 

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