Gang, my MacBook Air took a dive yesterday afternoon as I was trying to install the latest iOS update (High Sierra). I tried everything one is supposed to do to restart it, and ended up taking it to the Genius Bar this afternoon. It’s still there, and may well be there overnight. This is why you haven’t seen any new blog entries or updated comments today. About an hour ago, I borrowed a laptop from my son, and am working on it now. Blogging will be light until I get my Precious back, though.

It is weird and unpleasant for me not to be able to write when I want to write. All day it has felt to me like sleep paralysis: when you are fully conscious but you cannot make your limbs move. That sense of panic. Weird. Seems like the older I get, the more I am defined by my need to write.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Just got a call from the Apple store. They’re going to have to erase the entire laptop and reinstall a new system. Fortunately, they were able to drag-and-drop everything from the laptop onto the external hard drive I brought in. Man. Avoid High Sierra if you can, and if you must update to it, make certain that you have backed up everything on your hard drive to an external hard drive before starting the update.