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No Matter How Hard I Try…

OK, a light-hearted thread to change the mood in the room.

For Orthodox, Lent is coming, and that means eating like vegans. Every Lent, I buy stuff to make miso soup, and every Lent, it goes uneaten. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t think I’ll ever learn to like miso soup. It’s not that I dislike it. It’s okay, and sometimes, depending on the kind of miso, it’s actually tasty, full of umami goodness. But mostly, I’m just not that into miso, even though I wish I were.

Which got me thinking just now about all the other things I wish I could get into, but just can’t get the hang of, no matter how hard I try. Here’s a short list. Add your own in the comments thread:

Sports (except for fishing, but only because there’s cooking and eating at the end)

Bible reading (I know, I know. This is embarrassing.)

Exercise of any kind (though I make myself work out for health reasons)


The great outdoors (it’s hot, and there are mosquitoes)

Sardines and anchovies


That’s my short list. What’s yours?

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