Ruthie & Mike Leming, February 2010

Ruthie & Mike Leming, February 2010

From The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming:

The sisters remembered too how affectionate their mother and father were with each other. When Mike would work an overnight shift at the fire station, Ruthie would stay up late talking to him by phone. “Like a couple of teenagers!” says Hannah. “I would be like, ‘Mom, come on!’

“The were so silly and sweet,” Hannah says. “It was cool to me that they always seemed to fall more in love with each other each day. Some married couples, you can tell that they just get to this point where they’re done with love. It wasn’t that way with them. And their love radiated to us. What they loved they wanted us to love too.”

Nineteen months after that photo above was taken, she died in his arms.

And then he learned what it meant to be held together by the embrace of friends.

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