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Merkelized Germany

A reader sends this AP story in about a rash of New Year’s Eve assaults in Cologne:

Police say dozens of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed around Cologne’s main train station, next to the city’s famous cathedral, during the night from Thursday to Friday. At least 90 criminal complaints have been filed, including one allegation of rape.

“The actions of the perpetrators were completely intolerable, and so we expect them to be prosecuted in the toughest possible way,” Reker said.

According to police, witnesses described the assaults as being committed by men of “Arab or North African origin” who had gathered in large numbers near the train station.

Separately, police in the northern city of Hamburg appealed for witnesses who observed similar sexual assaults and thefts in the St. Pauli district on New Year’s night.

The BBC reports:

The scale of the attacks on women at the city’s central railway station has shocked Germany. About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.

City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime”. The men were of Arab or North African appearance, he said.

What is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organised. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.

Police in Hamburg are now reporting similar incidents on New Year’s Eve in the party area of St Pauli. One politician says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But of course:

The justice minister warned against linking the crimes to the issue of migrants and refugees.

From The Guardian:

One investigator told the Kölner Express: “The female victims were so badly pushed about, they had heavy bruises on their breasts and behinds.”

Critics of Angela Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees were quick to blame it for the attacks, despite the police’s insistence that the alleged perpetrators were not new arrivals.

One tweet attributed to a follower of Pegida, the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant protest group , stated: “Merkel … you’re an accessory to the abuse at Cologne.”

On Pegida’s Facebook page, a woman identifying herself as Angelina Southern got more than 500 likes for her comment: “I could puke when I read this, and there are still so many deluded idiots who say ‘Welcome refugees’ … Close the borders now. For God’s sake, Merkel belongs on the scaffold.”

The attacks have been the main talking point on Twitter in Germany, with some people accusing the media of a cover-up and others expressing their concern that the incident would be seized on by anti-refugee groups.

Why shouldn’t it be? Why shouldn’t Germans, especially German women, worry about a massive influx of young men from cultures that regards Western women as whores?

UPDATE: A reader in the UK sends these two links. In the first, one Natalie Naugahyde Nougarèyde writes in The Guardian (where else?) about how We Need To Dialogue. Excerpt:

If a promising dynamic can be created, it must come from civil society – and serious media organisations have a role to play. Now is the time to launch a pan-European citizens’ debate on diversity. This would help to prepare for a future where our democracies can resist populist pressures or social disintegration. Saying that migrants, whatever their cultural background, must abide by laws as much as be protected by them, may be stating the obvious but it also raises sensitivities and should therefore be part of that debate. Using online platforms and the linking of communities beyond borders, to share experiences, life stories, to map out problems areas and the ways people can work to overcome them could be a good option.

The cluelessness as to what’s actually happening staggers.

The reader’s second story is a November 2014 one from a local Cambridge (UK) newspaper:

A Libyan soldier has hit out at the armed forces claiming they did not tell them the “difference between right and wrong” in the UK.

Omar Al-Mukhtar, not one of the accused, said that his colleagues thought the five men alleged to have committed sex offences in Cambridge were badly treated.

He said the Libyan cadets were allowed out for only three hours a week and were always accompanied by British soldiers when they left the barracks.

The Libyan cadets, who were in the UK for training, allegedly committed a variety of sex assaults, including in one case the rape of a man. How were they to know that rape was against the law in Britain? How, indeed.

UPDATE.2: James C. adds:

No longer allegedly, I’m afraid. All of the accused were convicted. The male rapists got sentenced to 12 years—though they most certainly won’t serve that many.

The three Libyans convicted of sexually assaulting the teenage women in Cambridge are already out of prison and–get this–are claiming asylum in the UK:http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Libyan-soldiers-convicted-sexual-assault/story-27895222-detail/story.html

They certainly seem to have a good grasp of ‘human rights’ law when it is convenient for them. Perhaps they can move in next door to the radical Islamic preachers and their broods who already live shamelessly off the British taxpayer and who are also experts on exploiting ‘human rights’ law.

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