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Men And College? Who Cares

A reader writes:

[Name], my youngest son, and I are looking at four years colleges for him and this article caught my eye.

The article in question is a short Forbes piece examining data showing that the imbalanced male-female ratio of college students is growing, with women leaving men far behind. The reader continues:

I mentioned it [to my son] and he, of course, said he wants to go to a school with the highest percentage of females. Not the best criteria for picking a school, but I certainly understand the sentiment. He also wondered how society would react if the ratio was reversed.  Yes, indeed. Imagine the howls from certain quarters of our society if significantly more men than women were attending college. I suspect it would be an ongoing top story: why is it happening?  what are we going to do about it?  and on and on. What strikes me is how very little is being said about this. It just underscores what I’ve observed –  that more and more young men in the 16 – 25 age range are simply checking out and not many people really give a damn about it.

Why should society care about what happens to oppressors?

I’m snarking here, but you know that has something to do with it. The overclass doesn’t care, because hey, males aren’t an approved victim class. Maybe we could get all the men to move to Appalachia, where they’ll be out of sight, out of mind. If only those men would decide to change their genders, the media would fall all over itself dramatizing their plight.

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