You heard the Manti Te’o story? Good grief. Today, Notre Dame says that Te’o was the victim of a cruel, elaborate hoax.

“There’s a lot of tragedy here, there’s a lot of sorrow here,” [Notre Dame athletic director Jack] Swarbrick said.

“But the thing I am most sad of is–” he added, pausing to apologize and wipe away tears, is “that the single most trusting human being I have ever met will never be able to trust in the same way ever again.”

Boy, that takes some chutzpah. Te’o is a lying liar who lies. Look:

Not once but twice after he supposedly discovered his online girlfriend of three years never even existed, Notre Dame All-American linebacker Manti Te’o perpetuated the heartbreaking story about her death.

An Associated Press review of news coverage found that the Heisman Trophy runner-up talked about his doomed love in a Web interview on Dec. 8 and again in a newspaper interview published Dec. 11. He and the university said Wednesday that he learned on Dec. 6 that it was all a hoax, that not only wasn’t she dead, she wasn’t real.


Sports Illustrated posted a previously unpublished transcript of a one-on-one interview with Te’o from Sept. 23, during which he went into great detail about his relationship with Kekua and her physical ailments. He also mentioned meeting her for the first time after a game in California.

“We met just, ummmm, just she knew my cousin. And kind of saw me there so. Just kind of regular,” he told SI.

It’s possible that Te’o got scammed, but elaborated and bragged in interviews, and then was too embarrassed to tell the truth. Maybe. But we know that he knew at least on December 6, but he kept up the pretense. Liar.

But the media — good grief, what’s their excuse? They wanted to believe the story. That’s all there is to it. I could have fallen for that too. Confirmation bias.

UPDATE: Hey Swarbrick, how about a tear or two for Lizzy Seeberg?

UPDATE.2: LSU farkers are unloading on the guy. Rude comedy gold, ratcheer. Read down to the Star Wars one, at least.

UPDATE.3: Will Leitch on the questions Manti Te’o, who is either a sociopathic liar or the world’s most thick-headed naif, needs to answer.