That’s Mark Chasuk, a Baton Rougean who found a ruined piano in a once-flooded street, and made beautiful music from it.

Mark Chasuk is #LouisianaStrong. [UPDATE: And, I am now told by someone who knows the family, is a homeschooled Catholic.]

Say, folks, at least ten families in Sequitur Classical Academy, the classical Christian school in Baton Rouge, were profoundly affected by the flood. That list may grow as we learn more. School starts again on Monday. Students from those families may have lost schoolbooks, school uniforms, underwear, toiletries, and more — including their houses. If you are looking for a flood charity to give to, please consider the GoFundMe just set up to help these families. I especially appeal to homeschoolers and classical schoolers in my readership. The need is great.

I told you yesterday that Brian Daigle, Sequitur’s headmaster, was leading a group of boys from the school, and other volunteers, in mucking out houses. They helped save the life of a grandmother of one of our students, whose house it was; she had a heatstroke, and the boys led the paramedics in over the water, and led them all back out, with the stricken lady on the boat. She went to the hospital, and survived. You’re far away, and can’t help our community with that, but if you can help replace the books, uniforms, and other things these Sequitur families have lose, please do.

Here is a map from Arcgis showing the extent of the flood damage in East Baton Rouge Parish (and only EBRP). Unlike the one I posted the other day, this is not a map of flood-prone areas, but a map of places that are believed to have flooded this time. Note well that under normal times, this area has no blue on it:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.33.41 PM