Latest headline on The Atlantic’s website:

Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Verbal Victim Feels

Derided, Dismissed

Oh for frack’s sake. Do you know what she’s complaining about? That he called her a “babe” in dismissing her work (a book that, to me, sounds really interesting and significant, and like something I’ll end up buying). From the Atlantic:

“It’s been really interesting to have somebody be that openly dismissive of my work strictly based on the fact that I’m female,” McMillan told The Atlantic Wire. “There’s no other way to think about it except that Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t think women count.”

Good grief, grow a thick skin, willya? I think Limbaugh is almost certainly wrong about Tracie McMillan’s work — in fact, look at the transcript; I can’t figure out his argument, except that he thinks McMillan is some sort of effete liberal snob who probably voted for Obama. But to complain to the media like this because a gob like Rush Limbaugh calls you a babe is beyond pathetic.  Camille Paglia, let ‘er rip.