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Rush Limbaugh: The GOP’s Charlie Sheen

You have seen the NBC/WSJ poll results showing that the manufactured crises of the shutdown and the debt ceiling are eviscerating Republicans. You may have heard that the Koch Brothers are running like hell away from the implosion on Capitol Hill. But if you get your news and analysis only from Rush Limbaugh, this is what you’ll hear. Excerpt:

If Lee and Cruz had not done this, Obamacare would be imgresfully funded, the debt limit would have been increased, and whatever was happening at the exchanges would be a well-kept secret.  But because Lee and Cruz insisted on this, the Democrats were exposed. Harry Reid: Why should I care about kids with cancer?  Obama opening the National Mall for illegal aliens and keeping it closed to World War II vets.  People ask whether the conversation is good for the country or not.  Of course it is.  Here’s the thing, folks — and this is something else I want to reiterate.

What the people inside the Beltway do not understand is that outside the Beltway, this is not just the Republicans versus Obama.

That’s not how the people view it.

This is the country opposed to Washington.  … That’s how people outside the Beltway see this.

Let’s see … where have we heard this kind of thing before? Ah yes. Heavy doesn’t accurately describe the level of casualties Cruz and Lee have inflicted.

UPDATE: On my Facebook feed, some Republicans are blaming elite GOP conspiracies, media lies, and the stupidity of the media-brainwashed American people for this shutdown meltdown. That’s easier to believe than that they’re simply on the losing side of this issue. I find this a fascinating aspect of human psychology.

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