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LGBT Vigilantes Find New Bigot Nests

The LGBT Eye of Sauron now turns inward in its relentless search for new forms of oppression to resist. [1] From a Slate piece about gay-dad bigotry against other gay dads:

In other words, there’s still a social hierarchy in the gay fatherhood world, with coupled white parents at the top. Unsurprisingly, these men also tend to have lots of disposable income. (Surrogacy can cost upward of $75,000 [2], though Carroll says it was uncouth to discuss these costs explicitly in the group.)

“Even adoption is stratified,” Carroll said. Potential adoptees, she noted, “must prove they have the physical space and income to provide a stable home.”

Just so you’re following the argument, understand that Carroll says it’s bigoted to require potential adoptive parents to be able to afford to raise children in a stable home. More:

While the myth of gay affluence has been proven to be just that [3]—at least until the picture was recently complicated by an apparent “gay earnings bump” [4]—economic stratification within the gay community hasn’t been as widely discussed. Part of this has to do with politics: In the fight for marriage equality, the gay community concerned itself with “selling sameness,” Suzanna Walters wrote in her landmark book, All the Rage: The Story of Gay Visibility in America [5]. “The representations of lesbian and gay parents by the ‘enlightened’ media evinces a form of homophobia that is at once less dramatic and more insidious, focusing as it does on acceptance of gay parents as heterosexual clones,” she writes. Gay parents who didn’t fit a certain mold were sidelined to present a comforting image to straight society.

Um, what? The gay people who said that society should accept gay couples as adoptive parents and families because they are families like everybody else — they’re now the bigots who have otherized and excluded other gay parents.

As the reader who sent this item in said, we may well have reached peak Law of Merited Impossibility. Of course gay families are just like all other families, you hater, and when you agree, then by so doing will you reveal your true bigotry. 

For people who insist that #LoveWins, there sure is a lot of malice.

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54 Comments To "LGBT Vigilantes Find New Bigot Nests"

#1 Comment By BCZ On February 9, 2018 @ 3:59 am

The number 1 mistake conservatives and Christians made regarding gay marriage and adoption was not compromising radically in the issue in order to strike a serious legal and cultural victory early on to use the obsession with marriage and child rearing among gay activists to promote and shore up the centrality of marriage and child rearing in society.

Say what you will against ideologically decadent Europe but as a fairly traditionalist American living abroad marriages, families, and child rearing seem way more healthy and traditionalist in practice than the do in the United States.

By keeping gays out in the cold unsustainably as long as conservatives did simply bled off credibility for family values generally. It was a choice of orthodox religious doctrine over principle and strategy… one that we are all paying for.

#2 Comment By The Sicilian Woman On February 9, 2018 @ 6:50 am

(Rod, can you please delete my previous comment with the messed-up formatting?)

MikeCA says:
February 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm
Having same sex parents isn’t harmful to kids if all the other factors are equal.

How do you know this? Were you raised by same-sex parents? Were you purposely denied a mother or a father to accommodate the desires of two men or two women? I imagine that there was similar thinking about no-fault divorce and its presumed lack of effect on children; “children are resilient” and other such lies that the passage of time reveals.

grayswindir says:
February 8, 2018 at 1:56 pm
I do have to agree with the gays saying gay couples aren’t like straight couples when it comes to raising families.

They’re missing either a mother or a father. With an as yet to be determined impact on the kids. If it’s similar to the impact of single moms on raising kids, it won’t be good. For the kids, or for society.

I’m a single Dad by the way. A man can’t be a mother to their kids. A woman can’t be a father. It isn’t the same, you just do the best you can.

PREACH! Prayers for you and your children.

I find it amusing when feminists (including those among my friends and acquaintances) support gay marriage between two men. Women and their contributions are so valuable, so important…that any man can replace us in the foundational family unit! Isn’t marriage between two men double the patriarchy? Hmm.

#3 Comment By MikeCA On February 9, 2018 @ 3:24 pm

The Sicilian Woman,no my parents are the traditional model. But I do know kids raised by same sex parents who have plenty of role modelling from other men/women in their lives. Now the kids I know were adopted,many of them who were deemed special needs kids due to either physical,mental or emotional difficulties. Not easy to place (especially 3 siblings) and no one was rushing to adopt them. Their dads have done an exceptional job with them and they are thriving in a loving home & community.
Honestly I have mixed feelings about surrogacy when there are so many kids in foster care who need permanent homes. I’d rather see kids adopted by suitable gay couples than languish or bounce from foster home to foster home.

#4 Comment By Rob G On February 10, 2018 @ 1:46 pm

“Classism is the bigotry that gets ignored in the Rainbow Age. Hence Trump.”

Spot on. The Dems stopped caring about class long about 1968; the GOP never did.