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Letters to Nebraska from Penn State

This is really kind of nice: letters sent to the Daily Nebraskan from Penn State fans [1], thanking the Cornhuskers and their fans for coming to State College and being so nice. Excerpt:

All day Saturday Nebraska fans filled seats in Beaver Stadium, seats in our restaurants and bars and explored the campus we call home. In spite of a close ending to an exciting game – an ending that, I must admit, I wish had a slightly different outcome (ahem) — your fans were gracious and continued to be grateful and kind everywhere I ran into them. From friendly passers-by on campus to a lone Nebraska fan at a gas station on the outskirts of town calling a friend back home to talk about how well things were going in Happy Valley, I did not have a single bad interaction with any member of your community. I sincerely hope the experiences of your Huskers were similarly positive.

Overall, the purpose of this letter is to thank you – all of you. As I said, this has been an extremely difficult time. Emotions have been running high and, to say the least, have gotten the best of most of us at one time or another. As the nation and world have seen, this week glaringly revealed the worst of not just college athletics and higher education, but the worst of humanity as well. The support of your community has shown many of us in Happy Valley the best of college athletics, the best of higher education and the best of humanity. Your support — both implicit and explicit, intentional and incidental — made a world of difference for our entire community this weekend and will continue to allow us to pick ourselves up, to renew our commitments to the values and ideals we seek to uphold and to remember the victims and prevent future tragedies from ever taking place. Thank you again, and I, personally, look forward to seeing you in Nebraska next fall.

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3 Comments To "Letters to Nebraska from Penn State"

#1 Comment By Al-Dhariyat On November 15, 2011 @ 8:19 am

This isn’t limited to the Pennstate game. Nebraska’s traveling fans have a well-worn reputation for being among the most courteous group out thurr. They’ll invade your team’s stadium in droves, cheer for their team and be really nice about it.

Huskers fans invade Heinz Field when Pitt played Nebraska years ago and after enduring taunts from Rutgers and WVU fans for years, we were dumbfounded at their courteous behavior. I also lived in Big 12 country (KC) for a time and to a man, the other Big 12 grads all praised Nebraska fans for their politeness. Even the OU and Colorado fans were effusive in their praise of Huskers fans (though maybe not the team itself).

#2 Comment By astorian On November 15, 2011 @ 11:30 am

My wife and I got married here in Austin, at a downtown church, on October 23, 1999- the day of the Texas-Nebraska football game.

All through the week before the wedding, I was going to the airport to meet relatives who were coming to town- and on every flight, there’d be a few of my relatives and 150 red-clad Nebraska fans!

Needless to say, Nebraska football fans are maniacs. EVERY game the Cornhuskers play might as well be a home game, because their fans travel in huge numbers and gladly pay top dollar for tickets to the game. There were undoubtedly more Nebraska fans than Longhorn fans at the stadium that day.

But you know something? Nebraska’s fans are the NICEST maniacs imaginable! They’re as passionate as English soccer hooligans, but they’re ALSO incredibly friendly and polite!

The game ended badly for Nebraska on my wedding day, as Texas quarterback Major Applewhite led the Longhorns to a big comeback win. It must have been heartbreaking for the Nebraska fans, but my wife and I met hundreds of red-shirted Cornhusker faithful on Sixth Street that night, and ALL of them were happy and upbeat. Most said things like, “That was a great game, wasn’t it? That Applewhite is one heckuva a player, I tell you what!”

If you haven’t yet had 60,000 Nebraska fans descend on your town, well, you’ve missed a treat. They represent what sports fans OUGHT to be.

#3 Comment By Everhopeful On November 15, 2011 @ 1:49 pm

The Nebraska fans are the best. My husband and I have never forgotten how courteous they were at a Notre Dame game in South Bend. We root for them whenever they play just because of that (except when they play the Irish, of course).

Nebraska’s so unlike the Michigan fans, who threw beer bottles at Notre Dame folks as they walked through Ann Arbor.